Buckroe's newest local coffee roaster.

Our Coffee

Introducing Buckroe’s finest local coffee roaster, where passion meets perfection. Experience the aromatic journey of freshly roasted coffee like never before. Our dedicated team of artisans sources only the finest beans from sustainable farms around the world, ensuring ethical practices and exceptional quality in every sip.


Special Offers

Every few weeks, we surprise our people with limited roast releases. Wanna taste something uniquely awesome? Sign up below. 

Our Shop (& the Safe)

As we began the renovation of an old bank building, little did we know that a hidden treasure awaited us. During the renovation, our team stumbled upon a long-forgotten, mysterious locked safe. The discovery quickly caught the attention of locals and soon spread like wildfire on social media, sparking curiosity and fascination…

Once open, the contents of the safe were a bit of a disappointment but soon you’ll be able to sip a coffee safe inside the newly remodeled ‘secure study room.’  😉


Our Gear

Elevate your game and show your love for great coffee with our Buckroe Coffee apparel and mug collection. Coming soon, our super clean shirts, mugs, hats, and sweatshirts will be available for purchase, allowing you to proudly rep the Buckroe brand wherever you go. 

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